Belle Isle Winter Nature Camp

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We invite you to come explore winter on Belle Isle and experience how the island changes throughout the year. We’ll explore familiar places that look entirely different in the wintertime, discover how plants and animals adapt to the season and enjoy the dynamic winter weather Michigan has to offer.

Camps will be single-day sessions, from 8:45 a.m. until 4 p.m. Activities and themes will be different for each day. Sign up for as many days as you like.

When a camp is full, it will be removed from the registration calendar.

6- to 8-year-old camp: Winter Adventurers

*Winter Adventurers must be at least 6 years old and no older than 8 years old on the first day of camp.

Winter Adventurers will experience what it’s like to be an animal in winter, discover which animals stay around Belle Isle when it gets cold and create winter-themed projects.

9- to 11-year-old camp: Winter Explorers

*Winter Explorers must be at least 9 years old and no older than 11 years old on their first day of camp.

Winter Explorers will venture further away from the Belle Isle Nature Center as they investigate how wildlife survives the winter on Belle Isle. Campers will build structures, play games, and experience what happens to matter when it gets extremely cold.

Birds in Winter

Monday, December 30 :  Some birds migrate south for the winter, but some stay right here on Belle Isle until spring. How do they do it? Who are they?

Winter Adaptations

Tuesday, December 31 : How do animals cope with falling temperatures and shorter days? We’ll find out!

The Science of COLD

Thursday, January 2 : Amazing things happen at the temperature where water freezes. We’ll build with ice and experiment with different states of matter.

Winter Survival

Friday, January 3 : Join us as we learn about all the ways people live and play outside in the winter. We will practice navigation and explore how to keep warm in the cold.